LTBCLine Time Base Corrector
LTBCLake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition (est. 2005; Zephyr Cove, NV)
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In LTBC, fruits were washed with tap water, separated by size and exemption from injury to treatment application and then were divided into two groups, with and without ozone, containing 100 fruits each.
integral] min {[f.sub.T] ([x.sub.1], ..., [x.sub.n]), [f.sub.B] ([x.sub.i], ..., [x.sub.n])}[dx.sub.i], ..., [dx.sub.n] ETB = [absolute value of E(T) - E(B)] Target versus background entropy KSZ Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic Local metrics LTBC Local target to background contrast LTIR Local target interference ratio LSNR Local signal-to-noise ratio LETB Local target versus background entropy LKSZ Local Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic Target specific metrics TSD Target standard deviation ENT Target entropy POT Pixels on target P 2/A Perimeter squared over area ATES Average target edge strength ESD Target edge standard deviation Table 2.
For addiction, only self-disclosure is required; by contrast, documenting an acceptable LTBC procedure or sterilization is onerous.
The film students who met at LTBC in the late 1980s would become a close community who partied together and made movies together and by the middle of the 1990s were making films as smart and tough as any indie scene anywhere.