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LTBPLong-Term Bridge Performance (FHWA Bridge research program)
LTBPLake Tanganyika Biodiversity Project (various locations; UN Development Programme)
LTBPLondon Tanker Brokers Panel
LTBPLet There Be Porn (website)
LTBPLong-Term Business Plan
LTBPLatent TGF (Transforming Growth Factor)-Beta Binding Protein (genetics)
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From this list, they recommended six bridge performance issues as the first topics to be studied under the LTBP Program.
The LTBP program aims to compile a comprehensive database of quantitative information from a representative sample of bridges nationwide, looking at critical bridge elements and the factors that affect their performance--age, material, design, condition, use, and environment.
The LTBP program will begin to fill a few of the information gaps that exist in our current program," says FHWA's Everett.
The LTBP program's overall objective is to collect, document, and maintain high-quality quantitative performance data over an extended period of time from a representative sample of bridges nationwide.
FHWA's vision for the LTBP program is threefold, with collection of data being the common thread.
In all three approaches, the LTBP program will take advantage of state-of-the-art sensing and NDE tools.