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LTBRLocal Taxpayers Bill of Rights (Pennsylvania; est. 1999)
LTBRLong Term Biodiversity Research
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Compared with scrambled siRNA, the expression of anti-apoptosis-related genes/proteins (BAG1, BCL-2, and TP73) increased while apoptosis-related genes/proteins (CASP1, LTBR, and CASP4) decreased in MMP-13-silenced cells [Figure 1]c and [Figure 1]d.
sST2 was positively correlated with other inflammatory and cardiovascular biomarkers in the general population, including TNFR1A, LTBR, SP-B, and GDF-15 (Table 2).
74) has reported on the lack of prion infection in LTBR knockout mice that were fed [PrP.