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11 MeDEGs were confirmed to be differentially expressed in SSc (p<0.05), including seven upregulated genes (CSTA, CTSG, C3AR1, PLAUR, LTBR, ODF3B, and ELANE) and four downregulated genes (CXCR6, PAG1, RUNX3, and PRF1) (Figure 4).
By fitting various combinations of the 20 MeDEGs, we further identified a set of six DEGs, i.e., F2R, CXCR6, FYN, LTBR, CTSG, and ELANE, that completely separate the SSc and NC population.
Therefore, the three more important DMRs (AZU1, LTBR, and RTEL1) attracted our attention.
Therefore, LTBR hypomethylation not only plays a pivotal role in the ignition of autoimmunity but also is a potential therapeutic target.
Real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was employed to evaluate the relative mRNA expression level using the following primers: BAG1 forward: 5'-CAGGGCAGCAGTGAACCA-3', and reverse: 5'-ACCCGGCAACCATCTTGT-3'; BCL2 forward: 5'- CTGGGAGAACAGGGTACGATAA-3', and reverse: 5'-GGCTGGGAGGAGAAGATGC-3'; TP73 forward: 5'-CTCGGGAGGGACTTCAACG-3', and reverse: 5'-CCTGTGGTGGCTCATAGG-3'; CASP1 forward: 5'-ATTACAGACAAGGGTGCT-3', and reverse, 5'-GAATAACGGAGTCAATCAAA-3'; LTBR forward: 5'- CAAAGATGAAGTTGGGAAGG-3', and reverse: 5'- GTTTCCTGCAGAGAGAAGGGTGGCT-3'; CASP4 forward: 5'- GCACAATGGGCTCTATCT-3', and reverse: 5'-CAGTCGTTCTATGGTGGG-3'; GAPDH forward: 5'-AAGAGCACAAGAGGAAGAGAGAGAC-3', and reverse: 5'-GTCTACATGGCAACTGTGAGGAG-3'.
Compared with scrambled siRNA, the expression of anti-apoptosis-related genes/proteins (BAG1, BCL-2, and TP73) increased while apoptosis-related genes/proteins (CASP1, LTBR, and CASP4) decreased in MMP-13-silenced cells [Figure 1]c and [Figure 1]d.{Figure 1}
On the basis of the above, we hypothesized that the expression of IL-4, ADAM-33, MMP-9, LIGHT, LTBR, and TSLP and the plasma concentration of LIGHT, NOM, MCP-1, MMP-9, TGF-[beta], and TSLP are suppressed by an intravenous infusion of insulin.
For example, sST2 positively associated with TNFR1, LTBR, and GDF-15, but inversely associated with sVCAM, sICAM, and MCP-1.
Lightbridge Corporation (NASDAQ: LTBR), a company involved in next generation nuclear fuel designs, and a provider of nuclear energy consulting services to commercial and governmental organisations, has set up a Nuclear Utility Fuel Advisory Board.
One promising postexposure treatment involves blockade of lymphotoxin [beta]-receptor (LTBR) in the lymphoreticular system.