LTBSLet the Bible Speak (various organizations)
LTBSLiver Toxicology Biomarker Study
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"Stagecoach would wish to see greater guidance from national Government to ensure that LEPs and LTBs have more balanced representation of public transport interests in their membership."
Flavocoxid hind [PLA.sub.2] causes a balanced inhibition of the COX-1 and COX-2 peroxidase moieties and decreases the generation of LTBs from 5-LOX, avoiding the deleterious accumulation of these lipid mediators caused by the NSAIDs-induced 5-LOX shunt.
These low-elevation, tall evergreen forests now comprise only a small fraction of the landscape of the region, and large, intact portions are limited to the forest reserve of the LTBS. Dirzo and Garcia (1992) reported annual deforestation rates of over 4% in the Los Tuxtlas Region during the period between 1967 and 1986, and estimated that 84% of the area had been deforested by the end of that period.
Biomass of trees [greater than]1.3 m in height but [less than]10 cm dbh was calculated using a regression equation developed from measures of 66 trees harvested in and around the LTBS (Table 3).
The LTBS has been designed by FDA and BG Medicine with input from other pharmaceutical companies and will be conducted, with their collaboration, at the NCTR laboratory in Jefferson, Ark.
Last night, however, former Triage employee Linda Smith, 49, said it was "completely commonplace" to call clients LTBs.
But they insisted it was a one-off and that LTB was "not a phraseology used or accepted by Triage".
Another former employee of Triage, who asked not to be named, last night backed up claims that the phrase "LTB" was widely used throughout the company.
In addition, local tourism boards (LTB) will be formed and LTB-led tourism projects will receive financial and promotional support from the government.