LTCGSLong-Term Care Group Specialist
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Their experience and expertise will help LTCGS to extend the GIS set of industry best practices throughout our current organization and into our acquisition pipeline," commented Tom Skiff of LTCGS.
LTCGS is a leader in providing capital, sales, and marketing solutions to the Long Term Care Insurance industry.
LTCGS operations are headquartered in Medford, Oregon, and Ft.
It will immediately add to our profitability and significantly enhance sales growth," commented Tom Skiff of LTCGS.
LTCGS is a leader in providing sales, marketing, and financial solutions to the Long-Term Care Insurance industry.
We were ahead of the curve," said CQU President Robert Pearson, LTCGS.
The solution is specialized education and new technology: certified, LTCGS Advisors.
With an LTCGS certification, you and others like you will make up a growing cadre of knowledgeable, well equipped long-term care advisors.
CareQuest University will begin enrollment of the LTCGS class of 2002 this fall.
com or call Jim Kern LTCGS, at (800) 327-7138 for an enrollment information packet.
Derek Miele LTCGS, has been appointed Regional Director for the territory, and will be in charge of operations for all related assistance programs and insurance services through employer groups and associations - including the implementation of CareQuest's exclusive Bridge-Link process.