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LTCOLLieutenant Colonel
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LtCol Narbir was married to Onkari Devi and had three daughters.
The Marines in Karbala--Commanded by LtCol Lopez--work day and night with our Governing Council to provide security and services.
THE nominated officials for the REME Association for 2002 are: President - LtCol R A Gibbens MBE (rtd), chairman - Geoff Wells, vice chairman - Col G Illingworth (rtd), secretary - Lou Lutwyche, treasurer - Paul Ashby, PROs - Maguerite Walden and G Illingsworth, standard bearers - Geoff Wells and Jim Russell and finance committee - Harry Green and George Gibbs.
The lessons of history can be found throughout Philadelphia, some are ancient and some are painfully recent," said LtCol Kevin Kelly - USAF.
LtCol Jamie Wagner, USMC, C-IED Branch Head, FPID, CDD, CD&I to provide remarks on developing effective C-IED and Countermine initiatives at the FPID.
LtCol Steel is Program Director, Cardiology, San Antonio Uniformed Services Health Education Consortium, Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas.
LtCol " He showed the calmness one would expect he would in a crisis by attempting to reassure his son.
A recent article in Foreign Policy by Marine LtCol Lloyd Freeman is characteristic of the misunderstanding American officers have about UAVs.
241) Those accounts thoroughly covered the moral issues that confronted LtCol Couch but only touched on the legal ones from a general point of view.
FIRST PLACE LtCol Mark Schrecker, USMC National War College
He added: "Prince Charles knows LtCol Thorneloe and was quite close to him and the regiment.