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The end-of-life conundrum To demonstrate this point, LTCQ examined the impact of high concentrations of residents at the end of life on the Pressure Ulcer QI/QM.
Here's how it works: You provide basic information and LTCQ shops up to 15 top-rated plans to find you the best coverage.
The LTCQ study suggests that ACHCA members' facilities don't do better because they have more resources or because they care for less challenging residents--they do better because they have better leadership," said Barry S.
executive vice president LTCQ, said, "Many health care organizations see quality-improvement and compliance programs merely as an operating cost rather than as an investment, probably because they cannot qualify the return on their expenditures in this area.
LTCQ monitors only large, reliable, highly-rated insurers.
Littlehale, MS, APRN, BC, is Chief Clinical Officer of the Healthcare Services division at LTCQ, Inc.
In another study of a large multistate chain, LTCQ identified 2,379 residents who, over a one-year period, had been discharged from long-term care "with a return anticipated" and readmitted with a "significant change" assessment.
The LTCQ study examined how accredited and nonaccredited facilities fared in surveys conducted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
Through the efforts of the University of Wisconsin, the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for Aged Research and Training Institute, LTCQ, Inc.
In fact, a 1996 survey by Brown University and LTCQ, Inc.