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QMs were calculated on first submission to LTCQ and then on the final submission.
For your free Information Kit, either write to LTCQ, 600 W.
A total of 44 QIs were submitted for empirical analyses; most were derived either from CHSRA or from LTCQ's Q-Metrics[R], Information Advisory System.
"The LTCQ study suggests that ACHCA members' facilities don't do better because they have more resources or because they care for less challenging residents--they do better because they have better leadership," said Barry S.
Others will be addressed in a forthcoming paper based on LTCQ's complete study.
More information on LTCQ's study, "Clinical Inconsistencies That Impact RUG-53," can be found at
Cheryl Field, MSN, RN, CRRN, Director of Clinical and Reimbursement Services, LTCQ, Inc., Lexington, Massachusetts, (781) 457-5914
Close examination of MDS data illustrates this tendency to undercode "end of life." Using a large dataset containing 13,000 MDS assessments, LTCQ found that 358 (2.7%) of the residents had an MDS indication of end-stage disease.
LTCQ, Inc., an independent long-term care information services company, recently completed an empirical study demonstrating that JCAHO-accredited long-term care facilities have better outcomes and fewer high-risk events.
Through the efforts of the University of Wisconsin, the Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for Aged Research and Training Institute, LTCQ, Inc., Abt Associates, Inc., and others, many long-term care QIs have been developed and tested for reliability and validity.
A study conducted by the research firm LTCQ, Inc., indicates a relationship between facilities that have administrators who are members of the College and enhanced outcomes, as measured by fewer citations, greater census and better quality improvement performance.