LTDTALong-Term Debt-to-Total-Assets
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The results showed that there was a positive relationship between BETA and TDTE, BETA and LTDTA, growth and BETA, size and BETA, while TDTA, STDTA and DI has a negative relation with BETA.
From the regression results in Table I, corporate size was found to have a positive and significant effect on the leverage measures LTDTA and STDTA, but was not significantly related to TDTA and TDTE leverage measures.
2]), the relationship of systematic risk beta is seen with corporate capital structure measured by TDTA, TDTE, LTDTA and STDTA.
A similar week observation is drawn from the Long term debt to total assets, LTDTA i.
The values obtained in case of TDTA, TDTE, LTDTA and STDTA are -0.