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LTELong Term Evolution (3GPP 4G technology)
LTELetter to the Editor
LTELiquid Tension Experiment (band)
LTELocal Thermodynamic Equilibrium
LTELifetime Earnings
LTELine Terminating Equipment
LTELimited Term Employee
LTELine Terminal Equipment
LTELoss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness (rotary wing aircraft)
LTELow Temperature Electronics
LTELink Terminating Equipment (SONET)
LTELaunch To Eject
LTELine Terminating Entity
LTELibrary Technology Educator
LTELow Thrust Engine
LTELocal Thermodynamic Emissions
LTELine Trunk Equipment (Nortel)
LTELocal Transport and Erection (contracts)
LTELightpath-Transponder Edge
LTELast Test Event
LTELimited Technical Evaluation
LTELimited Technical Experiment
LTELow-Tide Elevation
LTELong-Term Effect
LTELocal Tax Effort (Missouri)
LTELong-Term Exposure (various applications)
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A commercial LTE stack contributed by Cavium to the TIP, is being operated by the prototype OC-LTE base station.
Designed for the highest performance and efficiency as a standalone, single mode 4G LTE solution, Mont Blanc is a powerful, compact, and cost-effective LTE connectivity solution for feature-rich, high performance mobile devices.
and Globe Telecom, was still behind most jurisdictions in the world when measured in terms of speed and LTE availability.
LTE service has quickly moved from a next-generation technology to a mobile-service standard, and our customers are going to experience LTE speed and capacity anywhere they go," said, Ms.
GCT Semiconductor is a fabless designer and supplier of advanced 4G LTE and WiMAX semiconductor solutions.
According to GSMA, in 2014, LTE penetration reached 47% of mobile connections in Japan, 45% in US and 13% in Europe while in the GCC countries it barely exceeded 6% (except 15% in Kuwait).
Google's contribution of patents to Via's LTE licensing program is significant, especially because it includes the portfolio of LTE standard essential patents which were originally owned by Motorola Mobility and Motorola.
As of now, there are enough LTE compatible device options available in the UAE market to cater to all relevant customer segments.
The Voice over LTE (VoLTE) market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 123.
LitePoint zSignal for LTE is a comprehensive demodulation and vector signal analysis software toolkit for compliance testing and characterization of LTE cellular devices.
Sequans' VZ20Q EZLinkLTE module is certified compliant with Verizon Wireless Open Network specifications and operates on LTE bands 4 and 13.