LTEALearning Through Enquiry Alliance (UK conference)
LTEALocal Tax Enabling Act (Pennsylvania)
LTEALand Trust of East Alabama (Auburn, AL)
LTEALouisiana Tech Engineers' Association (est. 1934; Louisiana Tech University; Ruston, LA)
LTEAComMark Lesotho Textile Exporters Association (Lesotho, Africa)
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This IPRAN based solution successfully integrated three 20MHz spectrum blocks to realize LTEA 450Mbps without modifying the current transmission network.
As per the school's website, Logotherapy is understood "in the sense of 'meaning'; the equally valid translations, 'word' or 'rational order' are not helpful in explaining the tenets of LTEA.
INFLUENCE: The most obvious--and in some ways conventional--influence of Frank's work is the foundation of LTEA as a school of psychoanalysis.