LTEALearning Through Enquiry Alliance (UK conference)
LTEALocal Tax Enabling Act (Pennsylvania)
LTEALand Trust of East Alabama (Auburn, AL)
LTEALouisiana Tech Engineers' Association (est. 1934; Louisiana Tech University; Ruston, LA)
LTEAComMark Lesotho Textile Exporters Association (Lesotho, Africa)
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With the increasing demand for larger system capacity and ubiquitous service quality in wireless communication, device-to-device (D2D) communication is a promising technology which has been considered as an important feature to be integrated into the long term evolution-advanced (LTEA) system.
For example, in their study of pollen rain in North Carolina, USA, Whitehead and Tan (1969) determined that the percentage of ltea pollen in lake-bottom sediments corresponded to the estimated basal area of Itea shrubs in the vegetation of the surrounding region.
As per the school's website, Logotherapy is understood "in the sense of 'meaning'; the equally valid translations, 'word' or 'rational order' are not helpful in explaining the tenets of LTEA. In particular, the logotherapist is not attempting to persuade the client by logical reasoning; rather, they assist the clients in detecting their specific and individual meaning."
After the war he continued to work in neurology while also founding and developing 'the third Viennese school of analysis': logotherapy/existential analysis (LTEA), in which the search for a meaning in life is identified as the primary motivational force in human beings.
Zhang, "Group-based authentication and key agreement with dynamic policy updating for MTC in LTEA networks," IEEE Internet of Things Journal, vol.
The main input data of the LTEA simulator are the normalized channel matrices and the average signal-to-noise ratio [bar.SNR].