LTEGLong Term Earnings Growth (finance)
LTEGLong-Term Exchange Group (Service Civil International)
LTEGLearning to Educate Globally (child care services; Houston, TX)
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Similarly, LTEG30 denotes the concentration of LTEG in PP is 30 wt% and LTEG30 Thick indicates the thick section of microparts molded from LTEG30.
The morphology of LTEG was observed with a Keyence VHX 6000 optical microscope (Japan).
where [DELTA][H.sub.m] is the heat of fusion of PP, w is the weight fraction of SG or LTEG in PP, and [DELTA][H.sup.O.sub.m] is the heat of fusion of 100% crystalline PP, that is, 207 J/g [31].
This indicates that sufficient conductive pathways are constructed within corresponding microparts when the LTEG concentration is 30 wt% (i.e., 14.9 vol%), suggesting that lower weight fractions of LTEG fillers are required to obtain enough conductive pathways within molded samples, which is consistent with the findings by Luo et al.
It is clear that intact conductive pathways can be formed within the microparts due to the large particle size and, more importantly, the in situ exfoliation of LTEG during melt processing [23-25].
The effect of in situ expansion of LTEG on the melting and crystallization behavior of PP/LTEG composite and corresponding microparts as well as its comparison with pure PP and SG-containing counterparts is shown in Fig.
The [T.sub.c] for LTEG30 composite or each section of subsequent microparts is higher than pure PP counterparts, suggesting that LTEG also acts as a nucleating agent that significantly accelerates the crystallization of PP chains.