LTEULearning and Teaching Enhancement Unit (University of Southampton; UK)
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Considering a duty cycle period which extends T Wi-Fi system slots (refer to Figure 1) the eNB or UE in LTE-U subsystem transmits during the LTE-U ON stage of duration [alpha]T, where [alpha] [member of] [0,1], and keeps silence during the LTE-U OFF stage (as discussed in [3], even during LTEU quiet period, the reference signal may have same significant interference to Wi-Fi transmission.
We define and characterize the Wi-Fi average performance and fairness in the presence of duty cycled LTEU as functions of Wi-Fi subsystem parameters and the air time sharing scheme being used.
The transmission data rate is fixed, each operator gets fixed channel for transmission from other operators, and each AP should allocate a channel according to the standards defined in LTE-C (see Section 7.3), LAA, LTEU, and CTCA methods.