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LTFLiver Function Test
LTFLife Time Fitness
LTFLong Training Field (wireless communications)
LTFLanguage Translation Facility
LTFLight Transmission Factor (optometry)
LTFLimited Term Faculty (various universities)
LTFLightning Training Flight (aircraft; UK)
LTFLocal Transportation Fund
LTFLearning to Fly
LTFLoyal to Family
LTFLoan to Facilitate
LTFLost to Follow-Up (testing)
LTFLong Term Fund (investing)
LTFListening to Fear (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
LTFLogistics Task Force
LTFLife Time Friend
LTFLegislative Task Force
LTFLight the Fire
LTFLine Trunk Frame (telecommunications)
LTFLead the Fleet (US DoD program)
LTFLanguage-Trait Focused (linguistic)
LTFLargest Task First (scheduling strategy)
LTFLeap to Frogans
LTFLong Term Forecast
LTFLaying the Foundation, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
LTFLow Temperature Facilities
LTFLong Term Facility (hospitals)
LTFLackland Training Facility
LTFLung Transplant Foundation (Raleigh, NC)
LTFLong Term Fatigue
LTFLocal Training Flight
LTFLook, Tone and Feel
LTFLong-Term Fix
LTFLiquid Tight Fitting (connector)
LTFLive the Fourth (Kairos retreats)
LTFLatest Thinking Forecast (project or budget revisions)
LTFLebanese Taekwondo Federation
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Staff components assumed mayoral duties for the ISB, which included hh providing logistics and personnel situation reports to the 3d Expeditionary Sustainment Command and executing sanitation, feeding, and fueling operations for the Air Force and the attached units of the LTF.
The LTF proposal would also amend SCR 137, "Signing of Pleadings, Motions and Other Papers--Sanctions," by adding two paragraphs explicitly permitting a lawyer to assist a self-represented person in preparing a pleading, motion, or other paper, with certain requirements.
In particular, the LTF arranged for a meeting among the Kurdish customs personnel, the Turkish customs personnel, the coalition forces movement control team, the Turkish liaison officer, and personnel of the consulate's office in Ankara, Turkey.
The study also had a 99% power to detect significant differences in plasma triglyceride concentrations according to LTF polymorphism in individuals with a nonpathologic glucose tolerance.
The LTF method employed is an extension of the traditional transfer ARIMA approach (Box and Jenkins 1976).
Univariate and LTF models were compared by using Schwartz's Bayesian criterion (SBC; Wei, 1990) to determine if the inclusion of MSW1 in Equation 2 improved the model fit.
These studies reveal that long-term synaptic changes are governed by both positive and negative regulators, and that the transition from STF to LTF requires the simultaneous removal of transcriptional repressors and activation of transcriptional activators.
It ultimately corroborates LTF studies, notably regarding controversial aspects (asbestos, radon, management of debris, transport models, etc.
No significant differences were found in the utilization of these skills by these groups in the LTF jobs, however, significant differences were found in how the groups learned the skills.
I can see myself using it for many daily activities, principal evaluations, accessing resources and research for board reports or special projects," says Balkam, a handheld novice who recently attended his first LTF training session.
The JARB included members of the Army LTF as well as Army, Air Force and Marine tenants deployed to the base.
That's why our investment in new platforms like our LTF technology is so important.