LTFPLong-Term Financial Plans (Australia)
LTFPLong Term Force Planning
LTFPLong Term Force Proposal
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This new service will allow TransCanada's 23 LTFP customers to realize lower transportation tolls by taking advantage of existing Canadian pipeline infrastructure so they can maintain their competitive edge at Ontario's Dawn Hub.
'The LTFP service is one solution that will help western Canadian natural gas producers better compete in the North American gas market,' said Tracy Robinson, TransCanada's senior vice president, Canada Gas.
The council's grant income figures in LTFP within the council's Business Plan 2013+ for the forthcoming two years were based on the Government's finance settlement confirmed at the end of January, so these figures are unlikely to change.
As well as changes in funding, the LTFP also allows the council to forecast the impact of other pressures affecting its operations, including inflation, legislative changes and the effect of changes in the level, make-up and needs of its future population.
('Kelt' or the 'Company') has subscribed to TransCanada Corporation's Dawn Long Term Fixed Price (LTFP) service and in addition, has entered into various natural gas sales contracts in order to provide the Company with exposure to diversified gas price hubs and reduce exposure to a single market.