LTFTLess Than Full Time (various organizations)
LTFTLong Term Fuel Trim (electronic engine control)
LTFTLow-Temperature Flow Test (standard test method for filterability of diesel fuels)
LTFTLake Taupo Forest Trust (Turangi, New Zealand)
LTFTLong-Term, Full-Time
LTFTLunchTime FunTime (blog)
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GTL diesels in this study were evaluated for CP, LTFT, CFPP and PP with results shown in Appendix A.
However, it is widely accepted that, although CP is a good cold temperature failure predictor, LTFT is considered to be an even better indicator of real life vehicle operability.
In this paper the authors have selected to use the LTFT to quantify GTL diesel low temperature performance [37]
36,38] However, in North America many of the pipelines used for transportation of diesel fuel require both a maximum cloud point and pour point, rather than a CFPP or LTFT minimum pass temperature.
LTFT acts as a certified co-operative, offering a wide range of handmade Tibetan craftworks - from handloom textiles to jewellery, home decor and personal accessories to traditional Tibetan art.
The LTFT store is open for wholesale and retail business.
LTFT welcomes any enquiries from wholesale traders and from producers of other retail products, and is pleased to discuss prices.
For more information, please visit the LTFT website: http://www.
Pipeline tariffs are designed to recover fixed costs from LTFT rates.