LTFULong Term Follow Up
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Over the study period, 15 children were considered LTFU as they voluntarily withdrew from care or transferred to other health care facilities.
Follow-up time was calculated from the end of the initial study to the visit for the LTFU study.
13-16] Patients LTFU at the Luthando Clinic in a previous study cited logistical and financial reasons for clinic non-attendance, as well as miscommunication concerning the follow-up appointment date.
LTFU referred to be space for transporting and storing supplies for the maintenance of aircraft (such as spare parts, replacement units and consumables), equipment for medical and other supplies normally used by the Armed Forces at the national and international efforts.
12) The objective of this study is to describe the proportion of ART ineligible children who were LTFU before becoming eligible for ART in a cohort study in India.
Patient characteristics and outcomes of treatment Case Age Sex Chemotherapy Surgical details 1 8 F PLADO R hepatectomy Clear margins 2 5 F VIDE R hepatectomy Clear margins Spillage 3 6 F VIDE R hepatectomy Clear margins Spillage 4 8 F Declined Partial hepatectomy Excision of part of diaphragm Residual disease 5 11 M VIDE R hepatectomy spontaneous rupture Case Additional information Follow up Status 1 15 years NED 2 21 months LTFU 3 Second look surgery: cyst 39 months NED removed 4 18 months DOD 5 Recurrence treated 12 months DOD with brachytherapy radiation PLADO = cisplatinum and doxorubicin; VIDE = vincristine, ifosfamide, doxorubicin, etoposide; NED = no evidence of disease; LTFU = lost to follow up; DOD = died of disease.
This is more likely to explain the differences in LTFU than those in starting CD4 count and mortality.
5 Sympathectomy 1 LTFU LTFU * LTFU = lost to follow-up
1 Assist in identifying ways to reduce LTFU between screening, diagnosis, diagnosis and