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LTFVLess Than Fair Value (dumping and subsidies investigations under the US Tariff Act of 1930)
LTFVLuen Thai Fishing Venture (seafood company; Hong Kong)
LTFVLate-Time Feature Vector
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The court said that "a showing that economic harm to domestic industry occurred when LTFV imports are also on the market is not enough to show that the imports caused a material injury.
As noted previously, (133) and as expressed by the CAFC, the antidumping statute "requires the injury to occur `by reason of' the LTFV imports.
Unless the case is deemed to have "exceptional circumstances" the ITA must reach its final LTFV determination within 235 days after the date on which the petition was filed (Carpenter, 1999); the ITC must reach its final injury determination within 280 days.
This smaller value of pending sales, said the ITC, "also makes it more likely that purchasers will continue to use the LTFV imports to extract price concessions from the domestic producers.
market -- or, in the acronymic argot sprinkled throughout the nearly 100 page ruling, they sold LNPPs at LTFV.