LTGCLand Title Guarantee Company (Denver, CO)
LTGCLake Tahoe Golf Course (South Lake Tahoe, CA)
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The objective of the current work is to further investigate the effects of EHN on E10 gasoline combustion in an LTGC engine.
Hilaire, Christopher Carlen, David Cicone, Alberto Garcia, and Gary Hubbard of Sandia National Laboratories for their dedicated support of the LTGC engine laboratory.
This year, LG joined hands with the Seoul Metropolitan Government to co-host the LTGC and a series of four-day culinary programs that lasted from September 27 to 30.
Guests from around the world not only were inspired by the enlightening presentations by Guy Martin, a Michelin-started-chef from France, and Korea's own Edward Kwon, both members of this year's LTGC Chef Board, but also had the exciting opportunity to witness and taste some of the world's extraordinary culinary creations by these top celebrity chefs that captivated both the palate and the eyes.
Guy Martin amazed the crowd by showcasing the Guy Martin Signature Line, a series of 80 pre-programmed recipes on LG's MontBlanc, built-in oven, while LTGC contestants showed off their cooking skills using LG's new Lightwave Oven which delivers healthier, tastier cooking in a more eco-friendly way.