LTICLow Temperature Isotropic Carbon (protein absorption)
LTICLaughing 'Til I Cry
LTICLong-Term Incentive Compensation
LTICLong Term Investment Corporation
LTICLast Time I Checked
LTICLymphoid Tissue Inducer Cell
LTICLinear Time Invariant Continuous time (system)
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Over time, employers have complemented these programs by instituting innovative LTIC programs to attract and retain talented employees on a long-term basis.
They found that "our results do not fully confirm that the CEECs already constitute an optimum currency area with the European Union now, but they appear to be well placed to fulfill OCA criteria to the same degree as current European Union members in the future." Estonia is situated by the index of intraindustry trade between the more-developed central European countries (Hungary, Slovenia, and Czech Republic) and the other Ba ltic countries (Latvia and Lithuania).
Lucent Technologies is increasing its optical networking operations in China with the establishment of two new companies - Lucent Technologies Optical Networks Co Ltd (LTON) and Lucent Technologies Information and Communications of Shanghai Co Ltd (LTIC).
Over there it's all Manchester United, Liverpool and Ce ltic," he said.
Haughton-Owens served as a reader, senior title officer and office manager for LTIC Assoc., Inc., a premier title agency specializing in commercial transactions, condominium conversions, and urban renewal transactions.
CELTIC fans will warm to LTIC fans will warm to L Ronny Deila if he can melt the Icemen tonight.
The whole day in France was incredibly exciting - Ce ltic Swing even had bodyguards with him in his plane as he flew over.
The statute however, is not as narrowly targeted, however, as it could have been and the rules have been applied broadly by Canada Revenue Agency to "impede the development of effective long-term incentive compensation (LTIC) packages that taxable Canadian corporations must offer to attract and retain talented employees."
Pictures: Paul Norris photo ref: 00958930; COMIC STRIP: One of Beryl Cook's paintings on show at Ba ltic.