LTIHLast Tango in Halifax (drama series; UK)
LTIHLong-Term Intermittent Hypoxia
LTIHLaugh Till It Hurts
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28] observed the association between CHOP and LTIH oxidative injury in the hippocampus and cortex via contrasting neuron oxidation and apoptosis in CHOP null and wild-type mice.
gp91phox-/- Mice + sham LTIH NADPH oxidase gene 2005 [105] mice + IH; (normal Sp02) and protein C578L/6J responses; mice + IH p67phox, TNF- [alpha], iNOS, COX-2 gene; protein carbonyl; F2 isoprostanes Yang et al.
T - M People (2) in the dock SAL - Mike Leigh comedy-drama HC - Murder story with lesbian overtones LTIH - Jacobi, Reid silver saga TITLE TEASER Solve the clues and rearrange the words to find the early radio and TV game show.