LTJLess Than Jake (Gainesville, FL, USA Ska/punk/rock band)
LTJLinda Tellington-Jones (horse trainer; New Mexico)
LTJLaw Technology Journal (University of Warwick; UK)
LTJLoree Taylor Jordan Associates,Inc. (Campbell, CA)
LTJLeather Tie Journal
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where [[sigma].sub.LTJ] is the LTJ stress amplitude, [[sigma].sub.VM] is the equivalent von Mises stress and [a.sub.LTJ] and [f.sub.NP] are the non-proportionality parameter and the non-proportionality factor, respectively.
(81) Comme le prevoit la LTJ, << [l]e gouvernement ne peut demettre un juge que sur un rapport de la Cour d'appel fait apres enquete, sur requete du ministre de la Justice >> (LTJ, supra note 53, art 95).
van der Knaap LM, Leeuw FL, Bogaerts S, Nijssen LTJ. 2008.
According to a Manila newspaper, Lucio Tan has acquired into the company, which will be renamed LTJ Holdings.
You'll climb straight ahead and then fly a 135 heading to intercept the 165 radial off the Klickitat VOR (LTJ).
- Judgment T-346/04 Sadas v OHMI - LTJ Diffusion (ARTHUR ET FELICIE).
After graduation and admission to the bar, you'll be promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTj.g.) with a three-year active duty obligation.
The Belfast venue will play host to LTJ Bukem on Thursday, October 1, followed next night by the James Taylor Quartet and a special Funky Disposition club night.