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LTJGLieutenant, Junior Grade
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Upon graduation, LTJG Lawrence interned with Georgia Power's environmental affairs department and worked on dealing with the National Pollutant Discharge and Elimination System's general permit compliance for the company's construction projects.
LTJG Nathan Caulk, BSN, RN Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, Academic Collaboration Program
LTJG Stacy Ingram, USPHS dental hygienist, was amazed at how well the children cooperated in spite of the language barriers.
Ltjg. Chandler Hasemeyer, the crew's tactical navigator-communicator immediately verified the point and recognized that the terrain elevation was above the crew's assigned altitude.
Executing the NATOPS damaged-aircraft checklist, Ltjg. Pinkerton reported the aircraft was controllable in the landing configuration at the appropriate approach speed.
When LTJG Gibfried began to supervise food service in Ethiopia while still at Hunter's Point, her Ethiopian crew prepared daily rations using standard U.S.
Major Hay and Ltjg. Barber descended and depressurized the cabin, which enabled the cabin altimeter to display aircraft altitude.
Passing through 1,000 feet AGL and 210 knots, with student Ltjg. Prescott at the controls in the front seat, a turkey buzzard glanced off the left forward side of the front windscreen and went directly into the left intake.
Victor Kovaleski and Ltjg. Jim Wise scored against a MiG-17 on 12 January 1973.
Paul "Mo" Movizzo, the carrier-aircraft plane commander (CAPC), with assistance from Ltjg. Danny Westphall, his copilot, overcame asymmetric thrust and decreased waveoff capability to fly a near-perfect single-engine approach to a 3-wire arrestment.
Rick Perez and Ltjg. Suzy Richardson, maintenance/material control officer Ltjg.
"Some Things Don't Look Better Through Goggles," an article by Ltjg. C.