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LTLLithuanian Litas (Local Currency)
LTLLIttleton (Amtrak station code; Littleton, NH)
LTLLess Than Truck Load
LTLLive the Legend (role-playing)
LTLLittle Things in Life
LTLLinear Temporal Logic
LTLLinear Time Logic
LTLLove to Laugh
LTLLan to Lan
LTLLinear Time Temporal Logic
LTLLarger Than Life
LTLLinks to Learning (education)
LTLLess Than Lethal
LTLLife Time License
LTLLower Trophic Level (food chain)
LTLLong Time Lurker (social media)
LTLLoop the Lake (running; various locations)
LTLLong-Term Loan
LTLLong Term Lover
LTLLess Than Truckload Lot
LTLLot to Lot (variation)
LTLLower Tolerance Limit
LTLLow Temperature Loop
LTLLong Term Long (stock portfolio)
LTLLocal Target Logic
LTLLaparoscopic Tubal Ligation
LTLLoyal Temperance Legion (Children!s branch of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union)
LTLLess than Total Load (teamsters)
LTLLight Truck Load
LTLLower Transport Layer
LTLLinear Transmission Line
LTLLaser-to-Target Line
LTLLow Traffic Load
LTLLaser Time Line
LTLLocal Transmission Line
LTLLighter than Truckload
LTLLet's Talk Later (Internet slang)
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ArcBest said a high-single-digit revenue increase in LTL-rated shipments was offset by lower revenue per hundredweight on truckload-rated shipments moving in the company's LTL network.
Descartes ShipRush makes it easier for customers to evaluate parcel and LTL options to make better shipping decisions for their requirements.
The merger of GTLi and Am Trans establishes the Fusion Transport network, a cost-competitive, high-performance partner to move retail, grocery and volume LTL freight.
When the weather was fraught a few weeks back, it was unprecedented for many LTL carriers, in our case having to close operations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Chicago, and other places.
According to Alaska Trucking Association Executive Director Aves Thompson, the definition of LTL is unambiguous.
Shipping with carriers that are going directly to your destination is much safer than using a large LTL carrier.
LTL utilized a 24-inch diameter Grundoram Taurus pneumatic pipe rammer from trenchless equipment manufacturer TT Technologies, Aurora, IL.
- Track it: Follow the freight with comprehensive visibility, including estimated delivery times (updated regularly), direct access to the LTL terminals handling the freight and access to past data and history.
LTL Pharma, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan Established Medicines Corporation established by Unison Capital Partners IV, LPS and Unison Capital Partners IV(F), LP, is a pharmaceutical company specialising in long-listed products.
" Loop ( LTL) was used by Essar to acquire licences by circumventing the procedures," Grover told special CBI Judge O.
LOSS to Lease (LTL) is the difference between the full market rent and the actual rent specified in a lease or rental contract.