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LTLLithuanian Litas (Local Currency)
LTLLIttleton (Amtrak station code; Littleton, NH)
LTLLess Than Truck Load
LTLLive the Legend (role-playing)
LTLLittle Things in Life
LTLLinear Temporal Logic
LTLLinear Time Logic
LTLLove to Laugh
LTLLinear Time Temporal Logic
LTLLan to Lan
LTLLarger Than Life
LTLLinks to Learning (education)
LTLLess Than Lethal
LTLLife Time License
LTLLower Trophic Level (food chain)
LTLLong Time Lurker (social media)
LTLLoop the Lake (running; various locations)
LTLLong-Term Loan
LTLLong Term Lover
LTLLess Than Truckload Lot
LTLLower Tolerance Limit
LTLLot to Lot (variation)
LTLLow Temperature Loop
LTLLong Term Long (stock portfolio)
LTLLocal Target Logic
LTLLaparoscopic Tubal Ligation
LTLLoyal Temperance Legion (Children!s branch of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union)
LTLLess than Total Load (teamsters)
LTLLight Truck Load
LTLLower Transport Layer
LTLLinear Transmission Line
LTLLaser-to-Target Line
LTLLow Traffic Load
LTLLaser Time Line
LTLLocal Transmission Line
LTLLighter than Truckload
LTLLet's Talk Later (Internet slang)
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According to David Ross, veteran LTL analyst for Stifel Inc.
LTL carrier, says that he's "actually encouraged" by the overall national economic picture, both in macro trends and internal industry supply data.
This is just the first step in a long-term partnership that will allow the LTL and Full Truckload markets to further streamline their operations and achieve greater control over operating costs through a single, easy-to-use interface.
It would be incorrect to apply the LTL to 500 units because LTL can only apply to units or space actually leased.
How Alaska's LTL freight travels interstate and intrastate can be complicated," Friese says.
The regional LTL business of Milan Express includes 34 facilities in the central and southeastern parts of the US.
LTL has 10 compounding lines, eight co-rotating twin-screws and two single-screws, ranging from a 32-mm line that extrudes just two strands to a 60-mm line with 20 strands.
For years prior to deregulation, the ICC required Class I Instruction 27 motor carriers to report annually their LTL freight revenue from intercity service, their LTL tons of freight carried, and the number of LTL intercity shipments transported.
ShipX aims its online exchange at small businesses that have little time to navigate the confusing LTL industry.
Prior to the launch of the revamped LTL network, FedEx Freight President and CEO Bill Logue described it as a strategy to grow its business profitably for the long-term and a "game changer" designed to simplify what FedEx determined was a "too complicated LTL shipping process.
A market study completed on behalf of FedEx, which considered both expedited and non-expedited LTL services with published transit standards and nationwide coverage, concluded FedEx Freight Priority has the fastest published transit times of any nationwide LTL service.