LTLFLearning to Listen Foundation
LTLFLost That Loving Feeling
LTLFLow Time Low Frequency Selectivity
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Data for this study include videotapes of the 10 video club meetings and the 8 foundation module meetings for LTLF.
At this point, we did a member check (Lincoln & Guba, 1985) with the fourth author, the facilitator of the LTLF program and the third author, who had extensive experience with the LTLF project goals, to ensure that our characterization of facilitation moves captured those who were enacted in this context.
Analysis of facilitation in the LTLF context revealed that the facilitator adopted similar practices; however, the particular moves that are used to enact those practices vary.
Before viewing the clip, the facilitator contextualized the viewing by giving the teachers a standard tool as part of the LTLF materials, the lesson graph, which summarized the structure and activities of the lesson, so teachers could situate this segment in the broader context of the lesson.