LTLMLess Talk Less Mistake
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The primary mission of the LTLM II is to provide accurate targeting data to execute effective fires with artillery and mortars.
"The reduced size and weight make the LTLM II an attractive tool for providing a critical and immediate need for a lightweight, day/night capability to determine threat target data," said Love.
During the LTLM II NET, paratroopers were trained in system characteristics, employment, operation, target engagement, troubleshooting and maintenance of the LTLM II.
The BAE Systems LTLM, developed together with Vectronix, features a direct-view optic which provides a day recognition range of over 4.2 km, an uncooled infrared module with a night recognition range greater than 900 meters, a rangefinder with a five km range, a digital magnetic compass and a GPS receiver, for a total weight of 2.5 kg with batteries - two sets of batteries provide 24 hours of mission endurance.