LTLTLow Temperature Long Time
LTLTLand Trust for the Little Tennessee (Franklin, NC)
LTLTLearn the Lessons Technologies (Kennewick, WA)
LTLTLocal Treatment of Liver Tumors
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In succession, the juice was pasteurized via UHT, LTLT, and HTST treatments, respectively.
The total flora count of the UHT and LTLT was below 2.0 log CFU/mL, which met the requirement of most of the national beverage and juice regulations, while that of the HTST was higher than 2.0 log CFU/mL.
The shelf life of the UHT and LTLT was 90 and 101 d at 4[degrees]C and was 10 and 14 d at 25[degrees]C, respectively.
Leches bovina y ovina fueron sometidas a pasteurizacion LTLT, enfriadas (45[grados]C) y se les anadio cultivo activo diluido (0,5 ml).
Ademas, los procesos termicos estudiados en este trabajo son los mas utilizados en la industria lactea: 75[grados]C durante 15 s (HTST) y 65[grados]C durante 30 min (LTLT).
Certain viruses may require heat inactivation temperatures slightly higher than those maintained during pasteurization (for example LTLT applies 61.5[degrees]C for 30 minutes while HTST applies 71[degrees]C to 72[degrees]C for 15 seconds) but generally speaking, the contamination appears to take place post-pasteurization in most developed countries.
(28) This virus also resists LTLT procedures but it can be inactivated through HTST pasteurization.
* If you have some concern about the quality of the nut's source or about contamination of any flavor, the addition of the paste should be part of the pasteurization stage: 185[degrees]F (85[degrees]C) for 2 minutes for HTST or 149[degrees]F (65[degrees]C) for 30 minutes for LTLT.
Today, there are two widely used pasteurization methods: low temperature/ long time treatment (LTLT) and high temperature/short time treatment (HTST).