LTMGLokmanya Tilak Municipal General (Sion, Mumbai)
LTMGLeadership Training Matching Grant (Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches)
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However, the uteruses in CDWSG (Figure 1E), STMG (Figure 1B), and LTMG (Figure 1C) were asymmetric, had faded color and obvious cysts, nodules, and swelling.
In CDWSG (Figure 2E) and LTMG (Figure 2C), the endometrial epithelial cells presented vacuolar degeneration, the smooth muscle cells had focal proliferation and hyaline degeneration, disordered arrangement, and unequal thickness.
The uterine organ coefficient in CDWSG increased compared with NCG, LTMG, and QSABSG (P<0.01).
Compared with NCG, uterine transverse diameter in LTMG and CDWSG increased (P<0.01), and the difference between LTMG and CDWSG was not significant.