LTMSLong Term Management Strategy
LTMSLubricant Test Monitoring System
LTMSLake Travis Middle School (Austin, TX)
LTMSLong-Term Monitoring and Survey (British Antartic Survey)
LTMSLanguage, Technology, Math, and Science (US-Russia educational exchange program)
LTMSLaugh to Myself
LTMSLong Term Membrane Storage (Octo Marine)
LTMSLondon Transport Medical Service (London, England, UK)
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The LTMS is an additional source of money for local districts to apply for grants to reduce sediment runoff.
In less then ten minutes, the LTMS took six scans of the part and calculated a complete set of system 23 measurements.
How they work--The LTMS devices use a laser to digitize profiles of threaded fasteners and cylindrical parts and measure external threads from 0.
An LTMS uses unit propagation to update its mapping.
The LTMS is designed to make measurements required under the revised Mil-S-8879 and can be operated either in a quality laboratory or on the factory floor.
The LTMS solves many problems associated with traditional gaging methods.
With the implementation of the LTMS, we will be able to improve service and reduce the loan origination processing cycle for our customers, while increasing the production capability of our existing resources," said Rich Mirro, chief executive officer of North American Mortgage Co.
For the first time, these services can be ordered, received, viewed, and stored within LoanTrader's LTMS platform, providing the foundation for a virtual loan file.
By providing access to First American's online services through our LTMS platform, we offer brokers and lenders the ability to streamline the loan origination process," said John Le, chief executive officer of LoanTrader.