LTOCLast Temptation of Christ (movie)
LTOCLow-Temperature Oxidation Catalyst
LTOCLancia Thema Owners Club (car club; Japan)
LTOCLowest/Least Total Overall Cost
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The principal components analysis (PCA) was also carried out using the Assistat software for the attributes BIR (basic infiltration rate of water in the soil); TOC (total organic carbon content of soil); SL 2000 (soil loss in the year 2000), SL 2001 (soil loss in the year 2001); KLW (loss of K by runoff water); PLW (loss of P by runoff water); LPS (loss of P in sediments); LKS (loss of K in sediments); LTOCS (loss of TOC in sediments); TPS (soil P content); TCaS (Ca content in soil); TMgS (Mg content in soil) and TKS (soil K content) in cultivated areas (CT, LC and MC); The ACP is used to reduce data dimensions and to favor the analysis using the graph of the circle of correlations.
In the axis 1 the isolation of the PC is observed, followed by the grouping of the positive vectors (PLW, LKS, LPS, SL2000, SL2001, KLW and LTOCS) demonstrating that the downhill plowing and harrowing lead to an exposed soil to the sun and rain action, reducing its BIT and increasing the losses of soil, TOC, P and K, which consequently reduced its fertility, when comparing to the LC and MC systems.