LTPALightweight Third Party Authentication
LTPALightweight Third Party Authentication (single sign on method)
LTPALeisure Time Physical Activity
LTPALouisiana Travel Promotion Association
LTPALong Term Performance Award (compensation)
LTPALong Term Partnership Agreement (various organizations)
LTPALong Term Price Agreement
LTPALong Term Policy Analysis
LTPALong Term Planning Area
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In later life, current volume of LTPA seems to show no association with LTL supporting the results of a large Chinese study with participants from the same age-group (Woo et al., 2008).
The authors wrote that over the 16-year period, an average of 32 percent of the respondents decreased their LTPA levels.
After plant inauguration, MHI will provide support in plant maintenance and management based on the LTPA.
In addition, the LTPA asserted retroactive personal jurisdiction over libel tourists given these two conditions: first, that "the publication at issue was published in New York"; second, that the publisher or writer have "assets in New York which might be used to satisfy the foreign defamation judgment, or may have to take actions in New York to comply with the foreign defamation judgment" (LTPA, 2008, p.
Survey respondents were defined as having "no LTPA" if they answered no to the question, "During the past month, other than your regular job, did you participate in any physical activities or exercises such as running, calisthenics, golf, gardening, or walking for exercise?"
Adults with arthritis accounted for at least 20% of all the adults reporting no LTPA in each state, ranging from 21% in Minnesota to 43% in Tennessee.
* Data from 2009 (432,607 respondents) were used to assess prevalence of no LTPA (50 states and DC) by arthritis status and to produce age-standardized prevalence of no LTPA maps.
Researchers led by Rachel Cooper, PhD, of the Medical Research Council (MRC) Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing, London, and colleagues from the School of Population Health, University of Queensland, Australia, used data from 2,400 men and women from the UK Medical Research Council National Survey of Health and Development to An alyze self-reported leisure time physical activity (LTPA) levels at ages 36, 43 and 53.
As an association charged with strengthening the private sector of the state s tourism industry, LTPA strongly relies on the experience and leadership of its board, said Jill Kidder, co-executive director of LTPA.
A previous study used a scale called Leisure Time Physical Activity (LTPA) to measure physical effort during free time activities (Vuillemin et al., 2005).
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the 10 major factors associated with YLLs by disease or premature death in the Americas include five that are also risk factors for CND, namely (in order of importance): alcohol abuse, overweight, tobacco use, low fruit and vegetable intake (LFVI), and physical inactivity (insufficient leisure-time physical activity (LTPA) or sedentary lifestyle).