LTPCLong Term Preferred Care, Inc. (insurance; Hermitage, TN)
LTPCLow Temperature Phase Change (refrigeration technology)
LTPCLong Term Photo Care (digital photo preservation)
LTPCLao Trade Promotion Center (est. 2001; Laos)
LTPCLong-Term Power Control
LTPCLong-Term Private Capital
LTPCLong Tentacle Plate Coral (coral species)
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The LTPC package covers an array of topics (see sidebar at right) that are broken into modules.
The LTPC program is applicable to photo retailers of all sizes.
The LTPC program not only provides information and training modules, but also includes several marketing support items retailers can use right off the bat," Oles states.
While Oles took the lead in developing the LTPC program, she says many companies added their support by providing detailed information on specific methods of backing up digital pictures, online retailing, image management, marketing, public relations, and other areas.
As a resource for the consumer, the LTPC program presents another way to reintroduce the photo consumer to photo products.
The LTPC program is a well-organized method that helps reintroduce the consumer to preserving and presenting images.
Find out more about the Long Term Photo Care (LTPC) program by downloading the podcast of an interview with Laura Oles, who led the LTPC development team.
A PowerPoint presentation providing an overview and basic explanation of key LTPC topics.
It explains LTPC, and provides tips and general information for consumers.