LTPPLong-Term Pavement Performance
LTPPLong-Term Perspective Project (environmental research)
LTPPLong-Term Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
LTPPLong Term Planning Project
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In March 2017, the LTPP program launched LTPPBind Online, a Web-based tool to help highway agencies select the most suitable binder performance grades for asphalt pavement at a particular site.
The LTPP database contains material, design and construction data including physical inventory data, material properties from in-situ and laboratory tests (LTPP 2005).
Evidence from the various kinds of data served to contextualise, describe and evaluate the outcomes of the 2007 LTPP.
DataPave Online also provides user-friendly ways to explore, extract, and organize the LTPP data for analysis.
For more information on the LTPP program, contact Deborah Walker at 202-493-3068 (e-mail deborah.
An example of the role of LTPP is its impact on what has been dubbed the "2002 Design Guide.
To answer that challenge, the program launched a new Web-based data portal, LTPP InfoPave[TM], in January 2014 at www.
In fact, the NCHRP used nationwide data from the LTPP program, as well as data from Minnesota's MnROAD pavement test facility, to calibrate portions of the Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide (now AASHTOWare[R] Pavement ME Design).
As noted in the report, one of the major challenges with calibration involves correlating data on pavement conditions collected as part of the LTPP program with data contained in the State's pavement management systems.
FHWA recently unveiled the improved "LTPP Products Online," with a fully updated version of LTPP DataPave Online.