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LTRLong Terminal Repeat
LTRLong Term Relationship
LTRLeft to Right
LTRletter size (US Postal Service)
LTRLearn to Ride (snowboarding)
LTRLearn to Read (education)
LTRLoad Task Register
LTRLearn to Row (rowing instruction)
LTRLogic Trunked Radio (trunked two-way radio)
LTRLong Term Research
LTRLifetime Risk
LTRLoop Transfer Recovery
LTRLibrary Technology Reports (American Library Association publication)
LTRLight Tactical Rifle (gun)
LTRLong Term Romance
LTRLearn To Return
LTRLittle Theatre of the Rockies
LTRLower Troposphere Radar
LTRLoss of Therapeutic Response (drug efficacy)
LTRLove Trust Respect
LTRLevel Term Rider (life insurance)
LTRLady To Ride
LTRLicensing Topical Report
LTRLong Term Requirement
LTRLand Tenure Regularisation
LTRLong-Term Return Rate (TL 9000)
LTRLower Trunk Rotation (physical therapy)
LTRLight Tactical Raft
LTRLaser Transmitter Receiver (LANTIRN)
LTRLead Technical Representative
LTRLicensing Topical Reports
LTRLight Transmission Ratio
LTRLaser Target Rangefinder
LTRLong-Term Recall (neuropsychology)
LTRLoving Tender Relationship
LTRLossless Trace Reduction
LTRLogistics Training Review
LTRLocal Travel Report (AMSEC)
LTRLoan against Trust Receipts
LTRLepidoptera of Turkey (Centre for Entomological Studies Ankara project)
LTRLocal Transaction Request (computer processing)
LTRLeisure Tyme Rentals, Inc. (Albemarle, NC)
LTRLow Thermal Resistance
LTRLaser Tracker Receiver (Apache attack helicopter)
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Demethylation of the CpG sites in the 5' LTR is expected to allow the binding of transcription factors to increase proviral transcription levels of PERV (Dieckhoff et al.
With distribution primarily through mass retailing and directly to individual school systems, LTR will be in a unique position to help countless young people, as well as enhance its brand recognition with parents, educators and coaches.
Surprisingly, until the arrival of LTR there was no dominant recovery brand.
Dennis is the visionary and life force of LTR and both LTR and I will benefit from his continued wisdom and involvement.
While the radio show is currently on hiatus, LTR is poised to launch a full lineup of shows that are purely dedicated to the topic of recovery.
The LTR radio service operates on 450MHz spectrum and includes voice, data and voice mail capabilities.
The complete response rate among LTR patients was 65%, and the median DR and TTP were 29 and 31 months respectively, for CR/CRu patients.
LTR features a unique teaching philosophy and specially designed boards, boots and bindings ideal for beginning riders.
LTR Trunking: This new option provides support for mobile and repeater simulation mode for LTR trunked systems.
Contract awarded for 77032007-paint enamel synthetic exterior black type i finishing to is :8662/ 2004, packed in new steel drums plain (non-returnable) 20 ltrs capacity to is: 2552/79 grade b2 to icf/md/spec.