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LTRALeukotriene Receptor Antagonist
LTRALong-Term Response Action
LTRALong Term Remedial Action
LTRALong-Term Repopulating Ability (stem cells)
LTRALow Temperature Requirement A (protein)
LTRALong-Term Rental Assistance Program (City of Miami Community Development; Miami, FL)
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Within each month, we counted the days the patient was covered by any controller medication (ICS, LTRA, LABA, or ICS-LABA) based on the prescription fill date and days of supply, then divided this by the number of days in the month.
This observation provides different clues about a possible adjunctive anti-inflammatory role of LTRAs in NAEB.
Once we determined that the ratio was a significant predictor of emergent healthcare visits and whether or not to include LTRA in the ratio, we then determined which ratio cut-point is most appropriate.
If the child is not responding, the provider must decide what step to take next--increase the ICS dosage, add a LTRA, or change the treatment to a ICS/LABA combination (Lemanske et al.
Combination therapy typically involves antihistamines to block the histamine released from mast cells and basophils, LTRAs (leukotriene receptor antagonists) to block leukotrienes, and nasal corticosteroids to block the various inflammatory mediators that participate in allergic reactions.
In the first study, 306 patients were randomly assigned to openlabel treatment with either an LTRA (montelukast or zafirlukast) or an inhaled glucocorticoid (beclomethasone, budesonide, or fluticasone) as first-line therapy.
In the second study, 352 patients whose asthma "was not well controlled with inhaled glucocorticoids were randomly assigned to open-label add-on treatment with either an LTRA or a long-acting beta-agonist.
LTRAs, sold under the brand names "Singulair" (montelukast) and "Accolate" (zafirlukast), have long been on the market as an alternative to the steroid inhalers commonly used by asthmatics to ward off attacks.
Although the proportion of children who had a best response to LABA was significantly greater than with the other two treatments, "many children demonstrated a best response to either ICS or LTRA step-up therapy, highlighting the need to regularly monitor and appropriately adjust each child's asthma therapy," Dr.
In view of the fact that the companies' market share in most EEA states is equal or less than 30%, the strong position of rival firm Glaxo Wellcome (itself the product of another big merger) and other competitors such as Novartis, Rh"ne-Poulenc and Merck, which has also developed an LTRA, the merger "did not raise competition concerns with regard to anti-asthmatics", the Commission concluded