LTRCLouisiana Transportation Research Center
LTRCLegal Technology Resource Center (American Bar Association)
LTRCLanguage Technologies Research Centre (Gatineau, Quebec, Canada)
LTRCLanguage Testing Research Colloquium (Center for Applied Linguistics)
LTRCLong Term Recovery Center
LTRCLoss Tolerant Rate Controller (networking)
LTRCLanding Traffic
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the LTRC report summarizes state DOTs' IRI-based pavement smoothness specifications.
The official international organization--the International Language Testing Association (ILTA)--was established in 1992 in Vancouver, Canada, more than a decade after the first LTRC.
Language assessment has gained in both prominence and importance within Canadian applied linguistics and TESL Canada research, as evidenced by the increasing numbers of dissertations on the subject, as well as papers presented by Canadian graduate students at ILTA's annual LTRC.
In 2015, the executives of this national association--Khaled Barkaoui (York University), Beverly Baker (University of Ottawa), Christine Doe (Mount Saint Vincent University), Heike Neumann (Concordia University), and Liying Cheng (Queen's University) as the Conference Chair-organized the 37th LTRC in Toronto.
The theme of LTRC 2015, From Language Testing to Language Assessment: Connecting Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, highlights the symbiotic relationship of teaching, learning, and testing.
Le premier LTRC a eu lieu a une epoque << oU la recherche de John Oller [1979] sur la nature des competences linguistiques redefinissait notre vision de l'evaluation de la langue >> et oU Michael Canale et Merrill Swain (1980) etaient en train d'elaborer leur travail fondateur sur l'enseignement et l'evaluation des competences communicatives (Bachman & Palmer, n.
L'organisme international officiel, le International Language Testing Association, ILTA (Association internationale de l'evaluation des competences linguistiques) a ete etabli en 1992 a Vancouver, au Canada, plus de 10 ans apres le premier LTRC.
Au Canada, l'evaluation des competences linguistiques a pris de l'importance dans le domaine de la linguistique appliquee ainsi que dans la recherche TESL; le nombre croissant de theses qui portent sur ces sujets en temoigne, tout autant que les articles que presentent les etudiants canadiens aux cycles superieurs lors du LTRC de l'ILTA.
The 1985 LTRC was also organized around this theme.
The L2 field's first concerted effort in terms of computer-based testing (CBT) emerged in the mid-80s with the 1985 LTRC.
Over 15 years have passed since LTRC first focused on technology, and one can argue that great strides have been made in the area of CBT and CAT.
Current developments and alternatives in language assessment -- Proceedings of LTRC 96 (pp.