LTRCLouisiana Transportation Research Center
LTRCLegal Technology Resource Center (American Bar Association)
LTRCLanguage Technologies Research Centre (Gatineau, Quebec, Canada)
LTRCLanguage Testing Research Colloquium (Center for Applied Linguistics)
LTRCLong Term Recovery Center
LTRCLoss Tolerant Rate Controller (networking)
LTRCLanding Traffic
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the LTRC report summarizes state DOTs' IRI-based pavement smoothness specifications.
The 1985 LTRC was also organized around this theme.
This model both frees up our staff to work with a larger population of student writers and affords the LTRC Director, the Writing Center Director, and the Quantitative Reasoning Center Director the opportunity to engage Vassar's faculty in discussions about best teaching practices, the curriculum, and assessment.
The outstanding shares of IRT were converted into a total of 4,807,363 shares of post-split LTRC common shares.