LTRFLoudoun Therapeutic Riding Foundation (est. 1974; Leesburg, VA)
LTRFLong Term Research Fellowship (European Respiratory Society)
LTRFLevel Temporal Receptive Field
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tadpole oral disc completely surrounded by marginal papillae and LTRF 2(2)/4) and excludes some previously proposed characters (e.
The LTRF has been used also for studies of the scale, in particular the non-uniqueness of the ITS-90 (13) over the ranges of definition overlap.
After NIST realized the ITS-90 below 24K in 1996, it has calibrated customer thermometers using reference RIRTs that have been calibrated in its LTRF.
Duellman (1965) assigned the tadpole KU 68498 with LTRF 2(2)/3 and one row of submarginal papillae to Charadrahyla taeniopus.
Duellman (2001:921) assigned a tadpole with LTRF 2(2)/6 to Plectrohyla arborescandens Taylor 1939 but Kaplan & Heimes (2011) identified the correct tadpole of this species as one having LTRF 2(2)/3.
cembra lacks nuptial excrescences in all fingers and its tadpole has LTRF 2(2)/3 (Caldwell 1974; Duellman 2001).