LTRILearning Technology Research Institute (UK)
LTRILearning and Teaching Research Institute (UK; various locations)
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The clinical diagnoses for acute viral LTRI cases included 58 cases of pneumonia, 25 cases of tracheobronchitis, and 4 cases of bronchiolitis.
Of the 87 patients with an LTRI, 64 were hospitalized.
Among the viruses identified as causing acute LTRI in South Korean soldiers, adenovirus was the most common, causing 63.
Third, we retrospectively reviewed medical records of patients with acute LTRI in a central referral military hospital; thus, the study patients may not be entirely representative of South Korea soldiers with acute LTRI.
122) The new law schools were placed between undergraduate law faculty and the LTRI.
247) Most in-house lawyers in Japan did not pass the bar exam, and they did not get analytical training taught at the LTRI and U.
262) Before 2004, only those who passed the bar exam were allowed to attend the LTRI to learn the analytical approach taught at U.
In that same meeting, the Consultation Commission considered a request, submitted in writing to the Commission chair by fourteen former trainees at the LTRI, seeking the disclosure of "more concrete standards for suitability for appointment as assistant judges," because, the former trainees stated, "from the .
Personal character is an extremely important factor, and this Commission cannot help but to evaluate character comprehensively, taking into account reports by LTRI instructors et al.
The number of LTRI trainees will be shifting in the future, and disclosing standards to trainees seeking judicial appointments might tie our hands and reduce our ability to adapt.
Therefore, we cannot always correctly estimate the number of times a judge failed the LTRI entrance examination from his year of birth.
I counted the blanks of the LTRI classes of 1959 to 1961, and there are 79 blanks in this period.