LTRILearning Technology Research Institute (UK)
LTRILearning and Teaching Research Institute (UK; various locations)
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We retrospectively reviewed all medical records with International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification codes indicating acute LTRI (pneumonia, tracheobronchitis, or bronchiolitis); 622 patient records met the criteria and were reviewed.
Nasopharyngeal swab specimens were collected from 207 (33.3%) of the 622 patients with an acute LTRI. Within 3 days, the specimens were tested (GClabs, Yongin-si, South Korea) for 12 respiratory viruses by multiplex reverse transcription PCR; methods are described in the online Technical Appendix.
The next question is about how to determine the rate of failure on the entrance examination for the LTRI. From Zensaibankan Keireki Soran (Career Data on All Judges, or ZSKS), we know data such as judges' birth dates, but we cannot ascertain the number of times a judge failed the entrance examination for the LTRI.
(9) He passed the entrance examination to the LTRI, however, on his first attempt.
(122) The new law schools were placed between undergraduate law faculty and the LTRI. (123) Admitted students generally would spend three years in the program, though individual law schools may allow students with a bachelors of law degree to graduate in two years.
(247) Most in-house lawyers in Japan did not pass the bar exam, and they did not get analytical training taught at the LTRI and U.S.
By 1988, Ellie's last year at LTRI, she was looking for ways to get involved in changing policy.
(48) For the appointment of new assistant judges, grades at the LTRI constitute a "major factor," along with reports prepared by judges who serve as instructors at the LTRI.
In that same meeting, the Consultation Commission considered a request, submitted in writing to the Commission chair by fourteen former trainees at the LTRI, seeking the disclosure of "more concrete standards for suitability for appointment as assistant judges," because, the former trainees stated, "from the ...
other legal communities, including those specific to prosecutors and lawyers, likewise identify people according to their Legal Training and Research Institute (LTRI) cohort (16) and treat their cohort membership as a major factor during promotional reviews.
(16.) Translator's note: The LTRI is a mandatory, judicially administered training program attended by those who pass the "shihou-shiken," the equivalent of the bar examination in Japan.
After compiling a distinguished academic career at the University of Tokyo (Todai) or Kyoto University (Kyodai), or possibly Chuo University, and achieving one of the top scores on the bar exam, he attends the LTRI and is then posted immediately or very soon thereafter to the Tokyo District Court.