LTRMLong Term Risk Management
LTRMLimulus Test Reactive Material
LTRMLong Term Resource Management
LTRMLateral Thrust Rocket Motor
LTRMLoad Test Resource Management (software)
LTRMLarge-Tumor-Resected Mice (oncology research)
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However, because trawling appears to be the most effective sampling gear and is only performed at the Peoria TWZ, LTRM methods probably underestimate the abundance of Shoal Chub throughout the rest of the La Grange Reach.
The habitat at the Peoria TWZ has not undergone any significant change that would make it more conducive to Shoal Chub; however LTRM consistently trawled for 17 years prior to 2010 using the same methods without collecting a single individual.
Additionally, other species new to LTRM collections (but not new to the basin or the La Grange Reach) have been documented in recent years: Bluntnose Darter [2014 (n=2)], Lake Chubsucker [2015 (n=1)], and Pugnose Minnow [2014 (n=40); 2015 (n=15)].