LTRPLong Term Rotation Plan (NATO)
LTRPLong Term Relationship Pounds
LTRPLinux Token Ring Project
LTRPLocal Tax Reinvestment Programme (UK)
LTRPLung Tumour with a Rhabdoid Phenotype (histopathology)
LTRPLong Term Restoration Program
LTRPLong-Term Repetition Priming
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The TCPA welcomed the emphasis on community involvement in the selection of areas for LTRP and the suggestion that it would operate for eight years, with the possibility of extension for a further five years -- a much more realistic time scale for effective regeneration than is usually allowed in government programmes.
Consequently LTRP may not have much effect in stimulating new regeneration projects, which are likely to depend on other forms of public sector funding.
LTRP could offer some benefit, probably mainly by extending the life of regeneration projects initiated by other means.