LTRRLaboratory of Tree-Ring Research (University of Arizona)
LTRRLong Tandemly Repeated Repetitive (molecular biology)
LTRRLong-Term Rate of Return (finance)
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After the first bids were received, LTRR was, by far, totally non-competitive.
The UTU's approach of attacking us, their customer, and appealing to the 'American Public' to save their jobs is amazing to us," said Babcoke, "especially when the UTU and the LTRR wouldn't do anything to save their own jobs when they had repeated chances.
Tenders are invited for 2 Zone B Annual sectional contract for zone B Kurduwadi BG Sub Division Daund Excl to Mohal Excl and Kurduwadi Railway station and Kurduwadi Works shop Zone E Annual sectional contract for zone E ADEN NG Kurduwadi sub Division Kurduwadi Excl to LTRR Excl Zone F Annual sectional contract for zone F ADEN Pandharpur sub Division Kurduwadi MRJ section Kurduwadi Excl to MRJ Excl