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LTRSLaunch and Test Range System (US Air Force)
LTRSLangley Technical Report Server (NASA)
LTRSletter size (US Postal Service)
LTRSLeague Tables and Ranking Systems
LTRSLaboratory of Tree-Ring Science
LTRSLaser Tweezer Raman Spectroscopy
LTRSLibrary Research and Technical Services (journal)
LTRSLouisiana Teacher Retirement System
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3) 8585n003-ultraviolet (uv) disinfection chamber lamp sensor for 80 ltrs & 120 ltrs cap.
Tenders are invited for C/O RCC sedimentation tank of 3000 ltrs cap, filter bed 14700 ltrs cap, main storage tank 14500 ltrs cap , RCC sump well 13000 ltrs cap pump house, intake stand post 7 Nos, toilet, M.S.
Tenders are invited for C/O Pump House, Storage tank of Capacuty 38000 ltrs & 40000 ltrs ,20000 Ltrs & 5000 Ltrs, Chlorination Chamber Laying Jointing and testing of Rising main, Pumping machinery , site development & Barbedwire fencing .
Tenders are invited for C/o sumpwell 46000 ltrs raw water tank 46000 ltrs, main storage tank 46000 ltrs, suction storage tank 17000 ltrs,, sedimentation tank 23000 ltrs,, slow sand fitter becj 11.92 sqmeter) in Connection with Providing LWSS to village Bathudi, Jakhni and Juladi in GP Dilman and Naina Tikker in Tehsil Pachhad Dist.