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LTSLotus (automobile)
LTSLong Term Support
LTSLong-Term Storage
LTSLong Term Solution
LTSLaughing to Self
LTSLong Term Stewardship
LTSLong Term Service
LTSLong-Term Strategy
LTSLong-Term Stability
LTSLong Term Substitute (teacher)
LTSLancaster Theological Seminary
LTSLabelled Transition System
LTSLong Term Study
LTSLaw of the Sea
LTSLow Temperature Superconductor
LTSLast Team Standing (gaming)
LTSLeaning Toothpick Syndrome (excessively long sequences of \ and / characters)
LTSLow Temperature Separation
LTSLong-Term Suspension (student disciplinary action)
LTSLimited Time Special
LTSLaser Tracking System
LTSLeadership Training Service
LTSLadle Treatment Station (metallurgy)
LTSLiquid Treatment System
LTSLine Test Set
LTSLow Temperature Sensitization
LTSLunging Thrust-Smack (Kingdom of Loathing)
LTSLondon, Tilbury and Southend Rail (UK)
LTSLaparoscopic Tubal Sterilization
LTSLocal Test Statistic
LTSLimited Tree Search
LTSList of Toxic Substances (Canada)
LTSLabor Transfer System
LTSLeadership Training Systems
LTSLast Try Scorer (rugby)
LTSLunch Time Seminar
LTSLogical Time Slot
LTSLast Time Sale (manufacturing)
LTSLocal Test Sequence
LTSLoad Transfer Switch
LTSLocal Transport Strategy (UK)
LTSLarge Technical System
LTSLearning and Teaching Strategy (courses)
LTSLearning and Teaching Support (various universities)
LTSLow Temperature Storage
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Headquartered in Hoboken, New Jersey, LTS Nutraceuticals Inc.
As early as 2015, the BIR already targeted LTS collections breaching the P1-trillion mark, but failed.
Canonical is doing this based on the positive response to the LTS version of the server version of their, which always had a five-year support cycle.
Incorporating the key functionality of Zaxcom's patented wireless-recording technologies, the LTS records timecode-stamped, two-channel, backup audio directly within the body pack to eliminate the risk of audio loss due to interference or signal drop out.
LTS OFFERS A VARIETY OF ADHESIVE LAMINATES, transdermal systems and oral film products uniquely designed to meet customer requirements.
The LTS managers spent months working with leading farmers in the UK and travelled to Australasia, South America and the United States to produce a system they describe as world class.
06 LTS will include a dedicated server edition with an extended support period to meet the needs of enterprise customers and independent software and hardware vendors (ISVs and IHVs).
Additional research has suggested that assigning counselors to assist LTS students during their suspensions might increase reenrollment and reduce recidivism (Smith, 1995).
Talent will out, however, and although you may cavil that the LTS site's visual design is conventional architectural white text on grey and elegantly sparse you can only marvel at its speed.
LTS Scale Corporation has added a legal-for-trade, NTEP Approved Pallet Truck Scale to their Precision Mobile Scale product line.
That LTS train earlier this year set a world speed record of 581 kph, the highest speed attained by a manned superconducting magnetically levitating train while "flying" about 10 cm above its "track.