LTSFLong-Term Strategic Framework (various organizations)
LTSFLow-Temperature Steam and Formaldehyde
LTSFLawrence Township School Foundation (Indianapolis, IN)
LTSFLittle Thompson Science Foundation (est. 1996)
LTSFLong Term Storage Facility (hazardous materials)
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To test the performance of the LTSF, to confirm the reproducibility of the technique and to show the need for cPAM in PCC retention, we first performed experiments with PCC fillers (Albacar HO, Specialty Minerals, diameter 1.
The increase is less than for PCC, implying that the bond strength between AKD and fibre is not sufficiently strong to withstand the shear forces on a LTSF or that PCC was flocculated by cPAM and aggregates were trapped in the sheet.