LTSMLong-Term Surveillance and Maintenance (US DOE)
LTSMLapangan Terbang Sultan Mahmud (Malay: Sultan Mahmud Airport)
LTSMLearning to Teach Secondary Mathematics
LTSMLong-Term Semantic Memory
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School C1 had a very small outside playground, minimum LTSM and the educator had a Grade 12 qualification (NQF Level 4).
This school-based intervention focused on the perceptual-motor development of kindergarten learners and comprised a two-level intervention with professional, ongoing assistance of the educators and upgrading of the learning environment with appropriate LTSM to optimise perceptual-motor skills development.
While age and sex of the learners have not been identified as possible influences in this study, factors in schools C1 and E such as the teaching environment, minimum LTSM and limited knowledge of the educator may have contributed to the poor achievement pertaining to school readiness obtained during the pre-test.
Learners in school C2 (Quintile 3) performed better than those in schools C1 and E, possibly because school C2 is fully equipped with LTSM to stimulate the development of perceptual-motor skills.
The Department has developed a 50 point plan to further streamline the provision of LTSM.
It is worth mentioning that the appointment of the new agency in September 2014 did not have any negative impact in the procurement and delivery of LTSM to schools.
The department allocated R173 million for delivery of the core LTSM for 2015 i.
The reports were mainly on the following matters: Infrastructure, LTSM ( learning, teaching support material), financial matters, curriculum delivery as well as HR and reporting on progress with regards to the profiling from the Education Collaboration Framework.