LTSOLearning Technology Standards Observatory
LTSOLung Transplant Support Organization (Chandler, AZ)
LTSOLive Tonight Sold Out (Nirvana video album)
LTSOLead Transportation Security Officer
LTSOLong Term Standing Offer
LTSOLone Tree Symphony Orchestra (Lone Tree, CO)
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a fit sentence for a breach of an LTSO in the case of Aboriginal
Ipeelee involved two Aboriginal offenders who were each subject to long-term supervision orders (LTSOs) due to their extensive criminal records.
The LTSO, as a form of conditional release, furthers "the maintenance of a just, peaceful and safe society by facilitating the rehabilitation and reintegration of long-term offenders" (47).
SI International Inc (Nasdaq: SINT), a provider of information services, technology and network solutions, mainly to the federal government, declared on 2 July that two contracts have been signed by the company with the US Census Bureau, to providethe LAN Technology Support Office (LTSO) with local area network and desktop management services.