LTSSLong Term Services and Supports
LTSSLutheran Theological Southern Seminary
LTSSLearning Technology Support Service (UK)
LTSSLotus Translation Services for Sametime
LTSSLinear-Time Subset Scanning
LTSSLine, Track, Station and Systems (various locations)
LTSSLong Term Scientific Study
LTSSLivermore Time-Sharing System
LTSSLong Term Service and Support (healthcare)
LTSSLocal Telecommunications Services and Support
LTSSLT Software Solutions, Inc. (Portsmouth, NH)
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proposed solutions to finance LTSS have prioritized public and social
"Our hope is that the policies and recommendations we are making today will provide feasible steps forward to alleviating the financial strain on families and Medicaid of providing LTSS," AMA board member Stephen R.
Namely, according to the function TF two FLEs [fl.sub.1] = {at most [l.sub.2]} and [fl.sub.2] = {between [l.sub.1] and [l.sub.3]} can be mathematically equivalent to the following two hesitant fuzzy LTSs [H.sup.1.sub.L] = TF([fl.sub.1]) = {[l.sub.0], [l.sub.1], [l.sub.2]} and [H.sup.2.sub.L] = TF ([fl.sub.2] = {[l.sub.1], [l.sub.2], [l.sub.3]} respectively.
In this section, we mainly recall some elementary concepts of LTSs and 2-tuple linguistic representation model as well as the I2TL representation model.
In fact, "composition of iUML-B state machines" here is not "composition of Event-B machines" but an operation similar to the composition of LTSs. In our previous work [22],we have proven that as long as an iUML-B state machine only describes a single variable's change (we refer to this kind of iUML-B state machine as an "atomic state machine"), we can easily convert it to its corresponding LTS model (we call it "atomic LTS").
As the study notes, for those who lack sufficient personal resources to pay out of pocket, Medicaid is the primary payer for LTSS costs, while Medicaid is expected to cover about 34% of average lifetime LTSS costs of people turning 65 today.
It currently accounts for 40% of spending in that area, (119) contributing $152 billion to long-term services and support (LTSS).
In a town hall style format, Sahhar's session will review how value based payments are driving decisions in the delivery of LTSS, considering innovations in the development of panels, the use of social media and the newly launched CAHPS tools.
At the moment the tool is a standalone windows application that uses the Graphviz tool set to display the CCM and corresponding LTSs. One future endeavor is to provide access to the tool online, to allow other researchers to expand the potential the uses of CCM.
LTSs have been extensively used as a state space model in the family of process algebra.
Approximately 70 percent of individuals aged sixty-five or older will need long-term services and supports (LTSS) during their lifetime (Lustig & Olson, 2014).