LTSTLocal True Solar Time
LTSTLocal Target Statistical Track
LTSTLocal Transportation Sales Tax (California)
LTSTLiteracy Through Skill Training
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Finalmente, se ha determinado la correspondencia de ceros entre las escalas de Tiempo Universal terrestre y de Local True Solar Time en el lugar de amartizaje, calculando los valores del TU correspondiente a las 0h de LTST (respecto al meridiano superior), conjuntamente con la altura del Sol correspondiente a la culminacion superior.
It is important to note that the inferences mentioned below are on the basis of visits to all 10 project districts, inspection of 36 MSIs and 75 SSIs, and interviews of 800 Micro Finance, OFIG and LTST beneficiaries.
Tender notice number : EE/MM/AEE-1/PC-841 LTST supports
Inter-annual evolution of the maximum relative humidity per sol (black pluses), generally achieved between 04:00 and 06:00 LTST, and corresponding value of volume mixing ratio (grey crosses) derived from simultaneous measurements by the PS and RHS.