LTSULong Term Segregation Unit (Pennsylvania)
LTSULearning and Teaching Support Unit (program at multiple universities)
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Justice Stevens, in dissent, chronicled the lack of evidence to suggest that the state's theory of behaviour modification had any basis in human psychology, or the notion that the rule had a rehabilitative effect specifically in the LTSU. Justice Stevens noted further that this concept of rehabilitation has no limiting principle:
(111) In addition, Justice Stevens found that there were multiple other reasons why an inmate would be motivated to rehabilitate out of LTSU, and that the lack of access to a single newspaper was an invasion of the "sphere of intellect and spirit" which the First Amendment protects.
Inmates in LTSU-2 have the possibility of graduating to somewhat less restrictive level 1 at the discretion of prison administrators after the first ninety days, but most of the forty inmates in LTSU remained in level 2 when Banks was decided.