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LTTLews Therin Telamon (Wheel of Time series)
LTTLong-Term Training
LTTLight Tactical Trailer
LTTLine to Take
LTTLunar Transit Telescope
LTTLimited Team Training
LTTLocal Trap Time
LTTBeryllium Lymphocyte Transformation Test (also seen as BELT and BeLPT)
LTTLong Term Throughput
LTTLocalized Thermal Therapy
LTTLive Training Transformation (military; set of common components to satisfy live training instrumentation requirements)
LTTLower Top Tube (bicycles)
LTTLimited Technology Transfer
LTTLogistics Between Today and Tomorrow (Netherlands)
LTTLeft-Tailed Test
LTTLate to Test (alarms)
LTTLive Tissue Training
LTTLymphocyte Transformation Test
LTTLong Term Temporary
LTTLateral Thigh Trainer (exercise equipment)
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If you plan to purchase land or property in Wales on or after 1 April 2018, ask your conveyancer or solicitor about the arrangements for LTT.
A farm at PS4m would see a Welsh LTT bill of PS218,440 compared to PS189,450 under SDLT.
The tender for the construction of the LTT FOB opened on November 14 at 12.
LTT Global is a key learning partner for projects in India, Nepal, Liberia, Uganda and Malaysia.
Il a ajoute que l'assemblee generale de la LTT intervient a un moment crucial de l'histoire de la region arabe suite aux mutations geopolitiques survenues aux plans regional et international.
Under the reign of long-time dictator Muammar Al-Gaddafi, LTT was also responsible for media censorship.
This will also give is the distinction of being the first telco to offer 4G LTT FDD services on 1800 Mhz in the country.
The LTT study is an ongoing seven-year, multi-center prospective open-label study for participants who previously completed a feasibility or randomized controlled trial of the RNS System.
A second German research team, led by Volker von Baehr, used LTT with 2 x [10.
In addition to calling for Zeidan's ouster, the group condemned the blockade of vital oil terminals in the east, LTT communications chief Mourad Bilal said.
An LTT is a charge paid to a municipality or provincial government, upon the sale or transfer of real estate or similar immovable object.