LTTCLong Term Training Course (Council of Europe)
LTTCLast Train to Clarksville (Monkees song)
LTTCLethbridge Twins & Triplets Club (Alberta Canada)
LTTCLowry Technical Training Center (USAF; now closed)
LTTCCentre for Learning, Teaching and Technology (The Hong Kong Institute of Education)
LTTCLanguage Teaching and Testing Center (Taiwan)
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Under the supervision of a board of directors, including board members from the National Taiwan University, the Ministries of Education, Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and others, the LTTC provides a testing service for the GEPT for government personnel, private organizations, and the general public in Taiwan (Language Training and Testing Center, 2009).
He said in a press conference the LTTC unloaded more than 44,000 heads of
Indian Railways has introduced LTTC in order to establish long-term contracts with customers with guaranteed incremental revenue for Indian Railways.